30 Educational Apps For Kids – Part 2

30 Educational Apps For Kids – Part 2

We had seen some interesting educational apps for kids, teens and young adults alike in the first part of this blog. What makes them also interesting is the fun part. And when there is fun, there is learning too; it happens in a natural way. Let’s explore more apps that will make short work of learning a tough concept or subject

11.Google Earth

Available on: Apple, Android
Category:  Geography
Description:  The app helps to view the whole world from above with 3D terrain of the entire globe, satellite imagery and 3D building in 100’s of cities wherever you are in this world. You can zoom and view your house 360° with Street View, in addition to guided tours from National Geographic, NASA, BBC Earth and more.

12.Chinese Skill

Available on: Apple, Android
Category:  Language
Description:  Learning Mandarin Chinese, the world’s widely spoken language, can be mandatory for professionals. This app helps you learn the language onthego with several lessons that are fun and engaging to improve one’s speaking, listening, reading and writing skills.

13.World Map Quiz

Available on: Android
Category:  Geography
Description:  The app helps you learn the locations of all the countries around the globe. Explore innovative challenges presented by the app to make learning all the more fun and exciting.

14. Left Vs. Right Brain Training

Available on: Apple, Android
Category:  Brain Training
Description:  The app is designed to test your Adaptability, Awareness, Reasoning, Reflex, Patience and Precision. There are totally 49 games which can help train and test your brain in no less than 6 categories.


Available on: Apple, Android
Category:  Organization
Description:  The app will change the way you organise your personal details and professional projects. You can easily create todo lists, take notes and save every little thing you find online using this popular app.


Available on: Apple, Android
Category:  Kids
Description:  A completely safe YouTube Kids app, it has been approved by parents and teachers and contains educational videos from safe youtube kids channels that are curated by teaching professionals, contextual quizzes, stories, cartoons, songs, storybots, animals, letters, Sesame Street and noggin preschool videos that make a highly interactive experience.


Available on: Apple, Android
Category:  Meditation
Description:  The app enables kids to practise the ageold meditation and mindfulness practise in a calm, relaxed and enjoyable way.


Available on: Apple, Android
Category:  Language
Description:  The awardwinning app, designed for kids aged 28, is a great way to learn English with vocabulary units, words, letters, interactive lessons, fun quiz, safe learning environment, conversation drills, school videos, profile creation and weekly progress reports for parents.

19.codeSpark Academy

Available on: Apple, Android
Category:  Programming/ Code
Description:  The app makes use of “no words” interface (patent pending) to educate kids aged 510 about computer science. The integration of community supported tools with structured learning is one of its kinds and results in gaining and transferring knowledge effectively.

20.DIY Nano

Available on: Apple

Category:  Science/Activity
Description:  A selfdriven educational app built to help outperform school exams. It has several short and snappy reference materials related with each practise exam question and flashcards. You can adopt conventional learning approaches by going through review materials and testing yourself on selected topics or browsing their learning experience by working on the review questions and making use of the available reference material for better concept retention.

We aren’t done yet. We will come back with more ‘infotaining’ apps in the concluding part of the blog.  But let us reserve that for another day.

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