30 fun things to learn for kids this summer – Part 1

30 fun things to learn for kids this summer – Part 1

There are countless things to learn for kids this summer, and not every little thing is taught at school. And not everybody will find everything interesting. This summer, let your kid find something interesting and unique to dabble with and nurture the creativity in him or her. In this two-part series of the blog, we will learn about some of the 30 creative hacks that kids can try out this summer to keep boredom and monotony at bay.

  1. Play an instrument: Every little instrument is playable; go for it – the ukulele, bagpipes, harmonica and so on.
  2. Learn something on the cultures of foreign places you hope to visit one day.
  3. Master origami. There are some good step-by-step instruction manuals online that are just perfect for beginners.
  4. Solve a Rubik’s cube. There are a few kids on YouTube who amaze others with sheer dexterity in solving the cube at the wink of an eye.
  5. As a starter, go with your favourite veggie to give you some incentive.
  6. Lean to change a flat tire on your cycle, bike, or dad’s car.
  7. Whistle with your fingers (and use it sparingly please for celebration sake).
  8. Memorize the complete periodic table of elements. Easy, we think so!
  9. Learn to iron like how a professional would do. You’ll save some bucks and time in the process.
  10. Tie several kinds of knots for some fun. Google it out to know the different types first.
  11. Learn self-defence: Karate, Judo, Sambo, Wing Chun , etc
  12. Discover family history stories, and discover all your shared interests with your ancestors.
  13. Go on the floors. Practise Swing, Country, or ballroom dance. The floor is yours!
  14. Learn a new sport. Why not consider swimming, archery or horse-riding?
  15. Indulge in some creative writing. Write a letter to your grandparents and thank them for their summer gifts in a fun way.

We will follow this up with another blog with more creative things-to-do in the concluding part. So, what are you waiting for? Get your hands dirty and indulge yourself to the brim!

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