30 fun things to learn for kids this summer – Part 2

30 fun things to learn for kids this summer – Part 2

Kids, did you try any of the ideas we had listed in the previous blog? If so, how did you find them? What are the things that proved interesting? What are the things that turned out to be boring? Who did you go up to for help? What kind of mentoring or tutoring did you expect out of people who intend to help you nurture your talents? What’s been the kind of experience in the overall process? These are some questions that are worthy of reflection if things you learn or wish to learn need to sink in. Here are 15 more things to learn this summer which will make your life exciting and joyful:

  1. Learn about five great political leaders from outside your country. For example, if you are in India, Barack Obama, the former US president will make a good personality for some research and learning.
  2. Try playing a hymn or conducting music.
  3. Navigate to a new location, of course with adult supervision, using only a compass or paper map, minus your GPS.
  4. Learn a language that starts from the right like Arabic.
  5. Learn Juggling. Don’t try with eggs though, and make a mess of yourself and others watching you. It can go a long way in improving your mental concentration.
  6. Learn a new English word with the correct pronunciation every day just for the fun of it.
  7. Learn your mother tongue properly with the help of your family, books or online resources.
  8. Calligraphy is fun. Be creative and develop your own way of doing it.
  9. Collect clippings of interesting national and world events. Use a notebook to get the right chronological order of events.
  10. Start a blog of your own with parental guidance. Use wordpress.com; it’s free with cool editing options.
  11. Try learning any graphic design tool. It’s fun, easy and cool.
  12. Learn basic finance lessons – remember: every rupee saved is a rupee earned.
  13. Learn the art of storytelling. Pick fairy tales that end with ‘And they live happily ever after’.
  14. Master the basics of Public speaking. It will help you become a better class school pupil or local club leader.
  15. Speak a second (or third) language like Chinese, Japanese, French, etc. The experience will be fun and fulfilling.

You can add as much as you can to the list as and when you learn a new skill or acquire a different skill. Remember talent can be natural, but skill is something that can be acquired, learnt, and improved through practice, grit and hard work. One more thing: don’t try to be a jack of all trades; learn to master one skill at a time. Seek the help of a friend who can do an honest assessment of your acquired skill.


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