How Should Kids Dress Themselves When It Is Raining Cats and Dogs?

How Should Kids Dress Themselves When It Is Raining Cats and Dogs?

The monsoons have started with a bang, and kids take in great delight playing out gleefully in the rain. With the right wardrobe, there can be no stopping your kids this wet season.

Start off with bright coloured clothes for your kids. They look absolutely lively, fresh and tangy on a brilliant cloudy day with grey skies hovering above. Green, blue, orange, red and yellow colours add to the overall effect.

Raincoats are essential and look vibrant, making a bold fashion statement. Pick a stylish one, team up with anything you want and put on top of any other attire. Raincoats are similar to trench-coats but come with a different material. Make sure you get at least 2­3 waterproof pants this season to protect your child against the vagaries of the rain god. There are a lot of good brands but check for fashionable pieces that are reasonably priced.

Gumboots, whether they size up to your knee or come up to your ankles, are more than handy. As gum boots are produced of rubber, the water washes off the dirt easily.  They have practically long life and come in an assortment of colours. Your kids can look great in them, too. At the same time, you should avoid footwear made of leather and suede as constant exposure to the rains can render them useless after the season. Go for a cool and jazzy pair of slippers or opens sandals, such as crocs, for use throughout the monsoons.

A good umbrella, nevertheless to say, is indispensable, be it rain or shine. The heavy, black and bland umbrellas have given way to rich, aweinspiring colours, bold designs and distinct patterns, and are easily foldable and quite compact. Your child should be able to carry one all the time.

Rain protective caps, hoods, scarves and hats should feature in the list of musttohave accessories this season to protect your child against the rain. There is a downside to the monsoon and that is the mosquitoes it breeds, leaving kids exposed to deadly viral diseases like dengue, malaria, etc. Mosquito wristbands must be worn at all times, besides using mosquito repellents, sprays, lotions, etc every day.

The monsoon season, though is a welcome relief from the hot and scorching sun, can be challenging to cope with if not fully prepared at the onset. Children need an extra bit of care and attention throughout the monsoons and the right wardrobe can be the starting point to a healthy monsoon season.

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