Top 20 movies all kids should watch before they turn 12 – Part 1

Top 20 movies all kids should watch before they turn 12 – Part 1

For most parents kids spending time on front of TV watching a movie can be somewhat off-putting. And worse, what if they’re shovelling food in and not really thinking about what they’re actually eating?  This said, however, movies have the power to inspire and transform an entire generation. We came up with an intriguing list of top 20 movies every kid should watch before he or she turns 12. We hope this unique movie collection, mostly animated version, helps kids believe in their abilities as it sends out a powerful message of hope and faith:

  1. I Am Kalam

Year: 2011
Director: Nila Madhab Panda



19. The Lion King

Year: 1994
Directors: Rob Minkoff, Roger Allers








  1. Mulan

Year: 1998
Directors: Barry Cook, Tony Bancroft





  1. Lilo & Stitch

Year: 2002
Directors: Chris Sanders, Dean DeBlois








  1. Finding Nemo

Year: 2003
Directors: Andrew Stanton, Lee Unkrich




  1. Dear Dumb Diary

Year: 2013
Directors: Dear Dumb Diary



  1. March of the Penguins

Year: 2005
Directors: Luc Jacquet







  1. School of Life

Year: 2005
Director: William Dear








  1. School of Rock

Year: 2003
Director: Richard Linklater







  1. He Named Me Malala

Year: 2015
Director: Davis Guggenheim




Wait, we have some more for you. But that will form another part series of the blog post. For now, why don’t you visit the local CD shop and check these movie titles? For best results we recommend kids watch these movies with their parents, and talk to them on how every inspirational message can be applied to their hearts and lives.

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