What Are The Lessons That Kids Can Learn From The Thailand Cave Rescue Operation?

What Are The Lessons That Kids Can Learn From The Thailand Cave Rescue Operation?

The way the young soccer players, 12 boys, aged 11 to 16, and their 25-year old coach were rescued from the Thailand cave would still send shivers down your spine. The world mourned when a diver died in the rescue operation. But are there any lessons in store for kids to be learned? We felt so and that’s how we see it. Let’s see what kids can learn from this global event that made headlines all over the world:

1. The Thai youth soccer team and its coach, entrapped in the waterlogged cave, fought against all odds even when the odds were tilted against their hopes of coming out alive.

2. If we could recall the event, the boys and their coach had to walk through a potentially dangerous 4km escape route which the group had to dive through a perilously winding, dark, hazy and tight labyrinth of passages.

3. A 38year old former Thai Navy Seal diver came out of retirement and took part in the rescue operation. But the world was in for a shock: a few hours later, the officer laid down his life in his country’s service, epitomizing the greatest values of sacrifice and service for the country.

4. The stranded boys and the coach showed great patience when help was delayed due to inclement weather. Nevertheless, they kept the fight on the feet.

5. The elements of trust, teamwork and camaraderie that existed during the rescue operation among the world community stand as a shining example of how international partnerships can bring the world closer together in times of crisis and adversity!

6. Seeking help when the going is tough. The Government of Thailand was open to foreign rescue operation which helped speed up the act of rescuing the entrapped group; the decision by the Thai Government proved spot on.

7. The authorities, post the rescue operation, have steered in the winds of caution and considered to discover, flag and shut down access to flood-prone coves in the sides of mountains or cliffs.

Life’s adversities teach one a lot of valuable lessons. And how we take those on our stride and learn to remain successful in life battling against moments of despair and hopelessness is what matters in the long run.

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